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Broad Green is in the northern part of Croydon, which is a South London suburb. Croydon is known to have the largest population among all London Boroughs, with a total of 386,710 individuals.


One out of every four people aged 0-17 years located in Croydon, there is an increased demand for educational and other related services for children and young adults. With a constantly increasing population due to long-term international migration, Croydon has 17.1% of its residents who were not born in the UK.

The total population of the ward is 17,183 with people coming from diverse backgrounds. After being greatly impacted by the 2011 riots, London Road of Broad Green is still recovering over 10 years following the events. A number of shop and home owners were impacted and the ward still to this day feels the impact. 

A ward so rich in history, it still has a long way to go to complete restoration with Big Local Broad Green encouraging active collaboration from it's community members.

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