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About Hub

about the hub

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Since Big Local Broad Green began in 2016, we have worked hard together to engage with everyone in the area and deliver services via grants to others and via our own activities.

They all form a part of our growing network of people who provide services to improve the area and the lives of residents.

In 2018 we acquired a unit behind Centrale shopping centre. It was formally a Cafe and catering training unit and was in disrepair. Big Local Broad Green completely refurbished it at a cost of £36k and it became the focus point for a host of incredible activities and events.

The COVID -19 pandemic impacted the outreach work of BLBG significantly but have since returned to operations.

Visit Hub

VISIT the hub

We are currently working on making The HUB even more accessible to the public, stay connected to know when you can visit The HUB, Broad Green.

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